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The latest update of Amazon DBS-C01 exam questions and answers sharing

amazon dbs-c01 questions and answer

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DBS-C01 – (Total Questions: 185 Q&A). AWS Certified Database-Specialty (DBS-C01)

Amazon DBS-C01 online exam practice

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A company is running its line of business application on AWS, which uses Amazon RDS for MySQL at the persistent
data store. The company wants to minimize downtime when it migrates the database to Amazon Aurora.

Which migration method should a Database Specialist use?

A. Take a snapshot of the RDS for MySQL DB instance and create a new Aurora DB cluster with the option to migrate

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A database specialist needs to review and optimize an Amazon DynamoDB table that is experiencing performance
issues. A thorough investigation by the database specialist reveals that the partition key is causing hot partitions, so a
new partition key is created. The database specialist must effectively apply this new partition key to all existing and new

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