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Which EC2 API call would you use to retrieve a list of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)?

A. DescnbeInstances
B. DescribeAMls
C. DescribeImages
D. GetAMls
E. You cannot retrieve a list of AMIs as there are over 10,000 AMIs Describes the specified images
(AMIs, AKIs, and ARIs) available to you or all of the images available to you.



A Developer is migrating existing applications to AWS. These applications use MongoDB as their primary data store,
and they will be deployed to Amazon EC2 instances. Management requires that the Developer minimize changes to
applications while using AWS services.
Which solution should the Developer use to host MongoDB in AWS?

A. Install MongoDB on the same instance where the application is running.
B. Deploy Amazon DocumentDB in MongoDB compatibility mode.
C. Use Amazon API Gateway to translate API calls from MongoDB to Amazon DynamoDB.
D. Replicate the existing MongoDB workload to Amazon DynamoDB.



A developer is troubleshooting the permissions of an application that needs to make changes to an Amazon RDS
database. The developer has access to the IAM role that the application is using.
Which command structure should the developer use to test the role permissions?

A. aws sts assume-role
B. aws iam attach-role-policy
C. aws ssm resume-session
D. aws rds add-role-to-db-cluster



A Developer must repeatedly and consistently deploy a serverless RESTful API on AWS.
Which techniques will work? (Choose two.)

A. Define a Swagger file. Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the Swagger file.
B. Define a Swagger file. Use AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the Swagger file.
C. Deploy a SAM template with an inline Swagger definition.
D. Define a Swagger file. Deploy a SAM template that references the Swagger file.
E. Define an inline Swagger definition in a Lambda function. Invoke the Lambda function.



A developer has created a REST API using Amazon API Gateway. The developer wants to log who and how each caller
accesses the API. The developer also wants to control how long the logs are kept What should the developer do to
meet these requirements?

A. Enable API Gateway execution logging Delete old logs using API Gateway retention settings
B. Enable API Gateway access logs Use Amazon CloudWatch retention settings to delete old logs
C. Enable detailed Amazon CloudWatch metrics Delete old logs with a recurring AWS Lambda function
D. Create and use API Gateway usage plans. Delete old logs with a recurring AWS Lambda function.



A company processes incoming documents from an Amazon S3 bucket. Users upload documents to an S3 bucket using a web user interface. Upon receiving files in S3, an AWS Lambda function is invoked to process the files, but the
Lambda function times out intermittently.
If the Lambda function is configured with the default settings, what will happen to the S3 event when there is a timeout

A. Notification of a failed S3 event is send as an email through Amazon SNS.
B. The S3 event is sent to the default Dead Letter Queue.
C. The S3 event is processed until it is successful.
D. The S3 event is discarded after the event is retried twice.



You run an ad-supported photo sharing website using S3 to serve photos to visitors of your site. At some
point you find out that other sites have been linking to the photos on your site, causing loss to your
What is an effective method to mitigate this?

A. Store photos on an EBS volume of the web server
B. Remove public read access and use signed URLs with expiry dates.
C. Use CloudFront distributions for static content.
D. Block the IPs of the offending websites in Security Groups.



A company needs to ingest terabytes of data each hour from thousands of sources that are delivered almost continually throughout the day. The volume of messages generated varies over the course of the day. Messages must be delivered in real time for fraud detection and live operational dashboards.
Which approach will meet these requirements?

A. Send the messages to an Amazon SQS queue, then process the messages by using a fleet of Amazon EC2
B. Use the Amazon S3 API to write messages to an S3 bucket, then process the messages by using Amazon Redshift
C. Use AWS Data Pipeline to automate the movement and transformation of data
D. Use Amazon Kinesis Data Streams with Kinesis Client Library to ingest and deliver messages



A developer is using Amazon DynamoDB to store application data. The developer wants to further improve application
performance by reducing response times for read and write operations.
Which DynamoDB feature should be used to meet these requirements?

A. Amazon DynamoDB Streams
B. Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator
C. Amazon DynamoDB global tables
D. Amazon DynamoDB transactions




A developer is migrating code to an AWS Lambda function that will an Amazon Aurora MySQL database.
What is the MOST secure way to authenticate the function to the database?

A. Store the database credentials as encrypted parameters in AWS Systems Manager Parameters Store. Obtain the
credentials from Systems Manager when the Lambda function needs to connect to the database.
B. Store the database credentials in AWS Secrets Manager. Let Secrets Manager handle the rotation of the credentials,
as required.
C. Store the database credentials in an Amazon S3 bucket that has a restrictive bucket policy for the Lambda role when
accessing the credentials. Use AWS KMS to encrypt the data.
D. Create a policy with rds-db:connect access to the database and attach it to the role assigned to the Lambda




A Developer is building a mobile application and needs any update to user profile data to be pushed to all
devices accessing the specific identity. The Developer does not want to manage a back end to maintain
the user profile data.
What is the MOST efficient way for the Developer to achieve these requirements using Amazon Cognito?

A. Use Cognito federated identities.
B. Use a Cognito user pool.
C. Use Cognito Sync.
D. Use Cognito events.

Amazon Cognito Sync is an AWS service and client library that enables cross-device syncing of application-related user
data. You can use it to synchronize user profile data across mobile devices and the web without requiring your own



An application will ingest data at a very high throughput from many sources and must store the data in an Amazon S3
bucket. Which service would BEST accomplish this task?

A. Amazon Kinesis Firehose
B. Amazon S3 Acceleration Transfer
C. Amazon SQS
D. Amazon SNS



A Developer must deploy a new AWS Lambda function using an AWS CloudFormation template.
Which procedures will deploy a Lambda function? (Select TWO.)

A. Upload the code to an AWS CodeCommit repository, then add a reference to it in an AWS::Lambda::Function
resource in the template.
B. Create an AWS::Lambda::Function resource in the template, then write the code directly inside the CloudFormation
C. Upload a .ZIP file containing the function code to Amazon S3, then add a reference to it in an
AWS::Lambda::Function resource in the template.
D. Upload a .ZIP file to AWS CloudFormation containing the function code, then add a reference to it in an
AWS::Lambda::Function resource in the template.
E. Upload the function code to a private Git repository, then add a reference to it in an AWS::Lambda::Function resource in the template.

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