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The questions for DVA-C01 were last updated on April 25, 2022.

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A company is building an application to track athlete performance using an Amazon DynamoDB table. Each item in the table is identified by a partition key (user_id) and a sort key (sport_name). The table design is shown below:

(Note: Not all table attributes are shown)
A Developer is asked to write a leaderboard application to display the top performers (user_id) based on the score for each sport_name.

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In a multi-container Docker environment in AWS Elastic Beanstalk, what is required to configure container instances in the environment?

A. An Amazon ECS task definition
B. An Amazon ECS cluster
C. A Docker in an application package
D. A CLI for Elastic Beanstalk



A Developer is designing a new application that uses Amazon S3. To satisfy compliance requirements, the Developer must encrypt the data at rest.

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