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AWS SAP-C01 Exam | Lead4Pass SAP-C01 dumps 2022

sap-c01 dumps 2022

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A finance company is running its business-critical application on current-generation Linux EC2 instances. The
application includes a self-managed MySQL database performing heavy I/O operations. The application is working fine
to handle a moderate amount of traffic during the month. However, it slows down during the final three days of each
month due to month-end reporting, even though the company is using Elastic Load Balancers and Auto Scaling within
its infrastructure to meet the increased demand.

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2022 New Amazon ANS-C00 Dumps | Successfully Passed Exam

ans-c00 dumps 2022

ANS-C00 is one of the most popular certifications for Amazon!Lead4Pass many exam experts after a long time of hard work, today in January 2022 released the latest updated Amazon ANS-C00 exam questions – Lead4Pass ANS-C00 dumps.
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You received reports from clients in another time zone that they experienced an outage of your website several hours
before you arrived at work. What two AWS services could prove crucial in figuring out what happened? (Choose two.)

A. AWS Support
B. CloudTrail
C. CloudWatch
D. Flow Logs

CloudTrail is for finding out who made a change. This could be a reason for the outage, but you need to
see the metrics first. CloudWatch and Flow Logs are the best for this.

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