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A company is running its line of business application on AWS, which uses Amazon RDS for MySQL at the persistent
data store. The company wants to minimize downtime when it migrates the database to Amazon Aurora.

Which migration method should a Database Specialist use?

A. Take a snapshot of the RDS for MySQL DB instance and create a new Aurora DB cluster with the option to migrate

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A user has launched an EC2 instance from an instance store backed AMI. The infrastructure team wants to create an
AMI from the running instance. Which of the below mentioned stepswill not be performed while creating the AMI?

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An airline has been collecting metrics on flight activities for analytics. A recently completed proof of concept
demonstrates how the company provides insights to data analysts to improve on-time departures. The proof of concept used objects in Amazon S3, which contained the metrics in .csv format, and used Amazon Athena for querying the data.

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How should an Administrator BEST architect a large multi-layer Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) recurrent neural
network (RNN) running with MXNET on Amazon EC2? (Choose two.)
A. Use data parallelism to partition the workload over multiple devices and balance the workload within the GPUs.
B. Use compute-optimized EC2 instances with an attached elastic GPU.
C. Use general purpose GPU computing instances such asG3 and P3.

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An Amazon Alexa skill fetches data for users from a third-party API and the wait for the response from that call is
variable, often taking up to 5 seconds. What is the recommended method for notifying users that a skill is working on the
request and has not failed to respond?

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